How Do You Know

“Yeah I know. I know. (wow, absolutely not meant to be a reference to the movie title). This isnt my bag, baby. So why? Few reasons:
-Paul Rudd, for one.
-It had some good hype early on, although that sorta died down.
-A friend whose movie recommendations I take with a hint of caution raved about it (while I trust him to some extent because we have similar interests, the caution is a result of Nacho Libre *shudder*).
-I had a freebie ticket.
-That’s the only thing playing at the Fenway I haven’t seen. That would make me 13 for 13. A first. Even if it totally proves I have no life, its still a pride thing for me as a movie afficionado.

Worth it? Eh. I definitely handled this better than other movies of its genre. If you cut out the romance plot, you do have a pretty decent character story, and I liked that the focus (at least through most of the movie) was focused on the charater’s other quandaries and qualities. I’d been led to believe the dialogue would be more epic. It was good, but didnt have the memorable one liners I was expecting.

The anchor in the cast was Reese Witherspoon, no question. An actress of her caliber definitely adds a lot to this type of movie. I can only imagine how painful it woulda been had they given it to Katherine Heigl instead. Owen Wilson was a bit on the awkward end of the spectrum for him, but it worked. Love and adore Paul Rudd, even if he was too much of a clumsy pushover to start. Jack Nicholson seemed outta place. He was just chewing scenery and didnt seem to care much about it. Guess he just needed a paycheck.

Well I just got majorly distracted and lost all my train of thought. Think that’s my cue to sign off

How Do You Know – \m/ \m/

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