The King’s Speech

“Yeah I know. I said I’d get to this tomorrow. Oops. I had thought about going to see True Grit today, but Im in a lazy mood, and dont feel up to deal with the blizzard that’s just starting to hit (even if I do only gotta travel 2 blocks).

Friday’s Xmas eve late lunch plans didnt quite work out, so my Mom suggested we wander the city then catch a movie. I figured King’s Speech would be the one on my list she’d most enjoy. Goddam did I make a good choice.

Such a fantastic fantastic film. Intriguing story, wonderful characters, and phenomenal acting beyond all reason.

Im sure that last point is the buzz ya’ll have been hearing, although maybe slightly less enthusiastically than my endorsement (I do get carried away at times). The main reason for that is the illustriuos Colin Firth. The current speculation has him poised to win an Oscar this year, and I couldnt possibly agree more. Actually, he was my pick for last year (while I was more than okay with Jeff Bridges winning, based on the nominated performacnes alone I felt Firth’s was the strongest). I usually think its such a cheap shot going for a biopic, but this was more than your typical Oscar bait. Just based on intensity and emotion, yes he did have all the base qualifications for an Academy Award nominated performance. Then there was the stammer. It was more than just a p-p-p-porky pig stutter. You could see him fighting with everything he had to get his words out, and the frustration as he sorta choked on his speech. Its really kinda difficult to describe, but absolutely worth a watch if the opportunity presents itself.

Helena Bonham Carter is also worthy of praise, as the regal Queen Elizabeth. She just had such class about her, with just enough entitlement minus the arrogance. And she played different with Firth (more compassionate and supportive) than with other characters, flawlessly going back and forth between the two. Such an incredibly nuanced performance. The other one getting all the talk is Geoffrey Rush. Now I dont think he has anything on Christian Bale as far as the race looks so far, but Rush was still nothing short of great.

I feel there really isnt much more to talk about with this one, so I’ll end by reiterating that I definitely give this one a high recommendation if you’re looking to catch a lotta major players for this year’s academy awards

The King’s Speech – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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