Tron: Legacy

First off, a word from Penny Arcade.

Now, the usual preface I hafta give whenever watching a sequel. No, I haven’t seen the original. Usually that’s grounds to not watch a sequel, but given that the original is going for 60 bucks on Ebay, my guess was they assumed most of the viewers are in the same boat I am. And yes, for the most part, it didnt seem like an issue that I had no background. It may have flowed a bit better if I had, but they did a good enough job of explaining things.

Also worth noting, this was finally my chance to check out the RPX at the Regal Fenway. Holy \m/ shit 16 bucks? And not even a discount for matinee times? I hadn’t expected the increase in price to hit me, and I may not have noticed if I hadn’t paid 18 total for two movies the day before. So that was a couple bucks for the 3D then a couple more for the shiny screen and squishy seats. Not entirely worth it. Yes it all looked pretty, but not enough to justify making an effort to get there. My plan for the future is gonna be to just catch whatever time works best for me. If it happens to be RPX, cool. If not, hey at least Im not spending extra. I should check it out for a non-3-D movie too, see if that’s any better bang for the buck.

As far as the actual movie, I found it moderately entertaining, but nothing too special. Been a fan of Garret Hedlund since Four Brothers, so it was great to see him leading something up. Too bad he really didnt have much to work with. Computerized Jeff Bridges gave me the creeps. Love Olivia Wilde. The visual was great, but the story was lacking. Its like they put all their effort into the technology, they forgot that you need a plot. I think some films are prolly just better left in their original state and not updated for the sake up updating them.

Tron: Legacy – \m/ \m/ \n

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