The Tourist

I really dont have much to say on this one. Why? Because nothing \m/ happened. I was bored and falling asleep. Prolly doesnt help that I double featured it right after The Fighter (with just a quick Best Buy run in between the two), but given that it was billed as a semi-action flick, being sleep inducing is very much a bad thing.

Angelina is great at being elegant and statuesque, but statuesque should not extend to her actual acting. She was just so wooden, only ever standing there and looking pretty. Not much else. And we all love Johnny Depp for being quirky, but he was a bit off too. Can’t tell if he was phoning it in, or trying too hard. Whatever it was, didnt work.

And the plot was trying to make itself more convoluted and confusing than it needed to be.

I’ll give Paul Bettany points for being generally awesome, and taking baby steps to redeem himself from Legion earlier this year. He coulda chosen something better though

The Tourist – \m/ \m/

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