Love and Other Drogs

“The plan for this long weekend was gonna be a movie every day. I only manged 2 outta 4. I was supposta go see Burlesque on Fri with my BFF, but he was having some issues with his contacts and we figured movies are better when you can actually, y’know, see them. Then since Sat was a possibility I kept that open too. But today I managed to get myself to the Regal Fenway for Love and Other Drugs. Those of you who have a decent sense of the kinda movies I like are prolly looking at that statement (or the title on this entry) and going “”Jigga wha?””. Yeah. I dont do romantic films. But you know what films I will do? Those with Jake Gyllenhaal. I love love love that boy. Have ever since Donnie Darko. I also adore Anne Hathaway. After Meryl Streep, she’s my fave. And I got somewhat of a girl crush on her (Anne, not Meryl). So while the idea of a romantic film doesnt exactly get me excited, the concept of a film where half of the screen time is Jake and Anne getting it on, does. Very much so.

Admittedly, it did still take some convincing for me to go. But EW had a great article interviewing the two of them that was just oozing with playful chemistry. The movie promised much more of the same.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the film. This is the sorta situation where the characters will make or break the entire thing, and these characters were fantastic. Jake was charming, confident, suave, and smooth. Anne was quick witted, quirky, sharp tongued, and bad ass. I definitely walked in there with a few potential distractions on my mind if I got bored, and I never had to restort to them.

I most certainly wouldnt be able to handle too many of these types of flicks (and dont understand how anyone can) but if this was gonna be the one chick flick I see this year (usually one maybe two) I certainly did pick a good one.

Love and Other Drugs – \m/ \m/ \m/

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