Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 1

“Bit delayed on this. I actually went to the midnight show at the IMAX on Thur, but wasn’t gonna stay up for an extra howeverlong to write this afterwards. And then yesterday I went to see my theater groups production of Guys and Dolls, so my evening was consumed with that and its related festivities.

Its kinda tough to do a write up on this because its \m/ Harry Potter. At this point, we all (or at least those of us with the mildest interest in HP) know the look and feel of the films. We know the cast, likely know the plot, and know in the most basic sense what to expect. This was just another installment.

But no, Im not as blase about it as that previous paragraph came out. I was quite giddy and excitable over it. Hello, I went to the midnight at the IMAX. That requires advance planning. And I wore my short with Neville Longbottom that says “”My Hero””. Really the twins are my favorites (and I loved every last second of their screentime) but Neville is right behind (with his 30 seconds time time around…cant wait for his big battle scene in the next half). The place was full of excitement. Hell, we got into the auditorium nearly 45 min early and all that were left were seats in the front row. Thankfully, those are actually pretty decent. I somehow manage to end up in those spots quite often. Audience reaction was great, even if I had some really annoying fangirls behind me. Definitely intend on obessively checking the Jordan’s website for tix to the next midnight.

Enough jabbering about all the circumstantials (is that spelled right?) around the movie. What about the flick itself? I enjoyed it, but my one gripe (that’s not quite the right word, since I knew this was gonna happen and there really would be no way around it) was that it was all build with no conclusions. I accept that’s just the nature of it having been a part 1, and Im thankful it wont be too long until the next half, but this one just got me hungrier for more. Seriously, it was 2 and a half hours long and when the credits rolled, I felt like I coulda stayed for another 2 and a half hours–despite the fact that it was nearly three in the morning at this point.

Im trying to think of more specific things to talk about, but like I said before its a Harry \m/ Potter movie. What is there to say? It was magical fun, with a great cast we’ve (or least I know I’ve) loved for years. I’ll likely end up seeing it again, if only to check out the RPX screen at the Fenway. Although Turkey Day does promise an influx of movies that I’ll need to see.

I really wanna give it 4 rock hands, but I just can’t since it feels incomplete.
Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 1 – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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