“Damn Im procrastinating this thing like whoa. Every time I click on the tab for this write up, I think of somethere else out there on the internets that I should look up first. And really all I wanna do is get thru this and back to Castle S2. But its tough to concentrate on a write up when singing along with N Sync, one of my many current distractions. And now Im YouTube-ing Sesame Street. now if I can only work the word cling into my post. Done. Arachnid might be tougher. Oh. Done. Moving on, I swear.

Right Megamind. That’s what we’re here to talk about, so we can all get on with our Saturday nights. The short version is that I have very mixed feelings about it. The dialogue and characters were great, but I was somehow bored thru a lot of it.

Started off great. And then the plot shifted in a way I wasn’t expecting. I can’t figure whether it can be blamed on poor marketing, or if the trailer really was the best they could do to prevent spoilage. I’ll stick with my trademark cryptic-ness for that same reason, but I was basically expecting Doctor Horrible’s without the singing and maybe without the love story. Strangely the love story was there, but the other plot and character development went down a waaaaay different path. Maybe the problem was that once the shift happened, it took too long to build that up and run with the story. By the time it did, I didnt care. Cryptic enough for you?

And now Im singing along with Sum 41. Jeez, ADD blogger.

I do need to give Will Ferrell points for brilliance. Little things like pronunciation and delivery of lines (which knowing him must have been improved) was just spot on. We all know he can be hit or miss, and in general I tend to prefer him in bit parts (Elf being the exception. Love that one). So this was kinda like a bit part, or at least put some limits on him, which tends to yield positive results. Am I even making any sense? Oh and I’ll never ever have anything bad to say about Tina Fey ever. Can I be her? Please?

Yeah so as I mentioned, it dragged. I was downright bored at times. But the dialogue kept me laughing. I know I’ve discussed this before, but one thing that can make kiddie movies beyond great is throwing in the jokes for the adults. At this particular showing, there were a lot of big kids like me sitting in the back. It was fun catching the distinction between their laughs and the ones from the littler kids down in the middle with me.

The 3D was good. Nothing too memorable about it, but I think Im starting to get a bit desensitized having seen so many of ’em. Just count all the 3D glasses hanging from my toy hammock. I did slip ’em off for a second to get a better sense of it, and the screen was waaaaay blurry. This is a good thing. It means lots of detail in the rendering of the third dimension. For comparison, Clash of the Titans didnt look much different when I took the glasses off.

After the movie I went for a walk around the Fenway, and I was having an argument with myself over what rating to give it. I was torn between 2.5 and 3 rock hands. Then I realized, the reason I do the halfs is for when I can’t decide between the wholes. I really shouldnt jump right to a half. Was this movie better than 2? Yeah. Good enough to earn 3? No. Done. I know this matters to no one else but me, but I hafta find some miniscule purpose with my life and blog.

Megamind – \m/ \m/ \n”

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