Due Date

“Not sure how comprehensive this write up is gonna be. Im kinda anxious to watch a couple of episodes of Chuck before I go out tonight. Going dancing (salsa, etc) so Im rocking out to Lady Gaga which is very effectively getting me in the rug cutting mood. Yes I listen to Gaga. Occupational hazard from hanging out with a lotta gay boys. I take my pop culture responsabilities as a hag quite seriously, thank you.

Wasn’t particularly keen on the looks of this movie from the trailer. It didnt really make me laugh at all. But you know what, neither did the trailer for The Hangover, and I ended up \m/ loving it. That still didnt entirely sell me because Zach Galifianakis was prolly my least favorite of the guys in that film. Bradley Cooper was totally my number one, closely followed by Ed Helms, and I’d still prolly rank Justin Bartha above Galifianakis despite his minimal screen time. The guy’s just a lil too over the top for me. I can handle him in small doses, as he does have his moments, but I was wary about total immersion. But knowing that I’d have Robert Downey Jr’s handsomeness to look at the whole time was enough.

It took me a lil bit to get into the film. The set up had that nightmare feel, where it’d be so easy to get out of but you’re stuck. Not unlike when you’re watching a horror film and you know that hottie shouldnt go into the basement alone, but they still do it anyway, and then they die brutally. And then Galifianakis’ character was just really nails-on-chalkboard annoying for a while. Eventually, there was a slight bit of depth added to his charcater and as RDJr started to feel the teensiest bit of sympathy for him, I kinda did too, and it sorta picked up from there. Speaking of RDJr, he does a fantastic job of playing that douche bag that you kinda hate yourself for loving so completely.

And Im already getting distracted…will be wrapping up shortly. Appreciated the cameos: Jamie Foxx, Juliette Lewis, even Danny McBride. And I do love Michelle Monaghan (hers was bigger than just cameo).

Ultimately, the film had its moments. I couldnt decide whether or not to give it the last half a rock hand in my rating. But by the end, I did find myself caring about the characters, and there was a little bit of edge of my seat suspense as they’re racing towards their deadline (that feels like the wrong word). If nothing else, RDJr earns that final half a rock hand for being, well RDJr.

Due Date – \m/ \m/ \m/

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