“Happy Halloween, all you lovely creatures of the night! Hope ya’ll had tons of fun during this spooktacular weekend. I know I did. Last night’s party was leaning towards epic. And of course, in keeping with recent trends, my costume was movie themed. Yep, I was a Ghostbuster this time, with the cats as my ghosts. Fun for the whole family!!

Okay I got distracted looking at signs from the rallies this weekend

I dont know how I got so behind in seeing Red. I know part of it was since I realized I was gonna be behind, I held off so I could use my freebie.

Crap, the cats are yowling for dinner. Quick break.

Back now. Not that you actually woulda noticed that I left.

Right, so I somehow fell behind in watching this one. I feel there was some reason I was apprehensive about it, but I cant for the life of me figure out why. I know today when I was there, I was worried about falling asleep since it’d been a crazy weekend and I’d been trying to finish up the leftover pumpkin beer before the movie. (Alcohol puts me to sleep unless I have a buddy to keep me hyper). But as it turns out, I absolutely loved the film. It was very much a Dawn movie.

I do rather love action comedies. I was actually having a discussion with someone a few weeks ago about whether or not multi-genre movies can work, and I do believe that action comedies can be brilliant if they find the right balance. Red pretty much had it. I feel it could have upped the action just a smidge besides what was in the climax, but Im not complaining. And the comedy was definitely there, without being forced.

The main driving factor of the film was the characters. I loved each and every one of them, and they were all cast so perfectly. I dont even know where to begin with them. John Malkovich stole every one of his scenes with his wonderfully witty words. Helen Mirren was one of the most absolute bad ass women I have ever seen on screen, while at the same time maintaining a high level of girlyness. Morgan Freeman, well was your typical Morgan Freeman character, but that didnt make me like him any less. Its wonderful watching Bruce Willis continue to kick ass just as hard as he did waaaaay back in the day. That shootout where he jumps outta the spinning cop car definitely wins for the most bad ass (yes, I’ll likely keep using that phrase throughout the write up) moment. And then there’s Mary Louise Parker. I’ve adored her for years, ever since watching The Client. Her work on Weeds has brought a whole other side to her acting, and while her Red character was very Nancy Botwin-esque, it worked beautifully. The film dragged a bit when she wasn’t around. Also, I couldnt get over the chemistry she had with Willis. Not a movie couple I woulda ever thought of, but there was some crazy voodoo magic in it.

I feel if I stop here, I haven’t really said much, but I do believe I’ve gotten my point across. And there’s just enough time left in this All Hallow’s Eve to watch my usual festive flick of choice – Frailty. Why that’s my pick every Halloween, Im honestly not that sure. Im just drawn to it.

Red – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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