Jackass 3D

“There is something I am not ashamed to admit: I \m/ LOVE JACKASS! I dont care if you think less of me because of it.

Friday at work, Im talking to a buddy of mine who’s asking what movies I plan to hit up this weekend. I run down the possible plans pointing out that Jackass 3D was my priority. His response depicts disdain. At which point, the other person who sits at our pod jumps into the convo and says he’s looking forward to the flick and starts asking if I know what mode of 3D the film was done in. Coworker number one tries to talk down to both of us, but realizes he may soon be outnumbered. Coworker 3 at the next table overhears and adds something along the lines of “”Dawn, you’re seeing Jackass this weekend? Me too! Im so excited for it””. Game over. I win.

There isnt really much I can about the film. You prolly already have an opinion of the franchise, and you either love it or you hate it. This was more of the same. Personally, I find these boys hi-\m/-larious. I cant think of a recent comedy that had me laughing as consistently throughout as this one did. Whenever I watch Jackass, I can’t help but wish oh so bad that I could hang out with those boys. That might be largely due to the fact that I have a HUGE crush on Bam…and Steve-O…and Knoxville…but mostly Bam. But besides that, I just love watching ’em have fun, and you really feel like you’re right there with them.

Oh and about the 3D thing, it totally worked. Mostly just because the image quality was much higher def than usual. Im not such the 3D snob that I was back in the beginninog of the trend , but I will say that it’s worthwhile. For one, its just such a creative use of the technology. What I liked more than the 3D-ness, actually, was the uber slo-mo stuff. Whatever camera they used for all of that was very top of the line, and those shots were fantastic.

Anyhoo, if you love Jackass, go check this out. And be sure to check it out soon! The big, enthusiastic crowd was a definite plus

PS- Skip the popcorn or snacks in general

Yes, Im actually giving it this rating
Jackass 3D – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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