“This one is gonna be tricky to write. Reason being that the main marketing ploy for the film was “”Don’t let anyone tell you what it is””. And while I do tend to be respectful of spoilerage, I feel I should be doubly so with this one, since really all the hype was based on intrigue.

Was it worth it? Eh, not really. I’ll admit, if I knew how it was gonna play out, I dont think I’d have been interested in seeing it. I really did just wanna know what the big mystery was. And all the “”dont be spoiled for this!”” comments made me think of all the Shyamalan movies I was spoilt for, and I really wanted to try and capture some of that magic I’d missed out on.

Today was a good day for me to go, though. I was in the mood for suspense, which ended up heightening it. Otherwise, I probably would have been kinda bored. I will say that it didnt turn out quite the way I expected, and I loss interest once it was all figured out.

\m/ this is tough. I feel Im talking myself in circles. Hmm, well I can say that I did absolutely love Nev Schulman. He was just so charasmatic and sweet, perfect for leading this film. Reminded me of Paranormal Activity’s Micah Sloat, but then again that may have been more due to the filming style than anything else.

Okay, Im gonna stop now. Not too much else I can say at this point. There is potential for much philosophical debate, but we can save that for later, or never…oh and uh Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze.

Catfish – \m/ \m/ \n

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