Never Let Me Go

“Its been a while since I last saw something at Coolige Corner. That’s typically my go to place for the indie movies, but given that I barely got to all the major releases I wanted to this summer, indie flicks were sorta outta the question. Speaking of this summer, while Im thinking of it, I need to just list what I did see but didnt write up. Mostly so I can find it at the end of the year when I recap. Maybe I’ll do a quick summer recap later. More likely I’ll be lazy. The list: Inception, The Other Guys, Machete, Scott Pilgrim, The Expendables, Dinner For Schmucks, Salt, Despicable Me, Eclipse, Knight and Day, Jonah Hex.

So it was a little bit of an impulse trip to go to this one. Under normal circumstances, the pick woulda been Wall Street, but instead I put together a schedule of movie watching for the next two weeks (we’ll see if I stick to it) that involves using my freebie ticket on it next week. Anyways, I knew almost zero about this film, but the cast was the biggest selling point: Carey Mulligan, Kiera Knightly, Andrew Garfield. Also, the premise kinda intrigued me. EW gave a spoiler warning before revealing this next bit. I dont think its spoilery (its a necessary plot point), but I’ll do you the same courtesy. Stop reading if you dont wanna know anymore…The three play friends who grew up in a special closed off boarding school. The reason? They’re meant to be organ donors.

The one word I’d use to summarize the film is heavy. Yeah, its kinda messed up, hence why I was curious about it. And its not something to go see if you want something light and fun. But if you want good drama with fantastic acting, its the film to see. I was about to refer to it as intense, but it wasn’t quite there.

As expected, thankfully since that was the main reason I went, the cast delivered. Carey Mulligan and Kiera Knightly are two of the biggest powerhouse actresses of their generation. Mulligan has such an inviting quality that just draws you in. Knightly went a little out of the norm for her, instead of the gorgeous girl everyone loves, her charcater was cynical as a way of masking her brokenness. It came thru really well. And Andrew Garfield was just hopelessly adorable, but also incredible. He brought me close to tears a few times.

Rushing to wrap this up cause Im expecting company soon, but this one is definitely worth a watch if it intrigues you as it did me. Just be sure you’re in the right mood for it.

Never Let Me Go – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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