Easy A

“Look, Ma, Im being good and doing my write up right away. Okay, my mom doesnt actually read this. She doesnt even know it exists, not that she’d know how to find it if she did. That’s a whole ‘nother completely unrelated and boring story. Also, there may have been a short break for froyo before gettin’ to work here. Not my fault that there’s a Ufood right next door to the theater that offers really cheap low calorie delicousness. Can you tell I never quite know how to start these things?

I find it kinda weird that there weren’t many late summer movies I was psyched for, but early fall has lots of potential. Easy A was def on my list of movies I was eagerly anticipating. The buzz was that it was a new Mean Girls. I’d actually put it a bit closer to Juno than Mean Girls, but that’s a very nitpicky distinction that’s gonna matter to no one except me. I guess the main reason for that, at least in this twisted mind of mine, is that from the trailer I was expecting some Diablo Cody-esque dialogue. We all know (or at least you will know in five seconds) that dialogue is what makes or breaks a movie for me. And comedies with witty quoteable dialogue are pretty much the best thing ever. This was just about there. Definitely clever, but not too much that I’d expect to be quoting for all of eternity. Although I think that might have been a matter of overly heightened expectations on my part.

On the other end of the writing side (writing clearly not being my strong suit, seriously am I even intelligible today?) I really did like the premise. It was unique yet relatable. And the characters were fantastic. I daresay the adults really stole the show. In particular, love love loved the relationship Emma Stone’s character had with her parents. First its just awesome having Stanley Tucci playing your dad, but he was totally my favorite character. I know its starting to become a fantastical cliche to have the totally relatable cool parents in movies, but I dont think its all that far fetched. I think my Daddy and I had a somewhat more toned down version of what they have. Wow, and I am about to go off on yet another unnecessary tangent, so Ima just gonna stop right there.

Since the last thing I was talking about was the cast, I need to put a word in for Emma Stone. I think I love her more with each movie I see her in: Superbad –> Zombieland –> Easy A. I’ve said that one day when they make a movie about my life I want Ellen Page to play me. Well, if she’s unavailable and there’s absoloutely no way to make it happen, then I suppose Emma Stone can step in.

There were a few other small gems here and there throughout the film that amused me. First, MAJOR bonus points for featuring The Dollyrots on the soundtrack! They are a fave band of mine that I’ve been obsessing over for the past few months. Saw them twice and have talked with all three members. They are seriously some of the sweetest most awesomest peeps you could ever encounter. But yes, very appropriate use of their “”Bad Reputation”” cover. Also loved all the references to 80’s movies. That’s another thing that’s starting to get a bit overdone, but the references were quite cleverly integrated. Lastly, I really liked what they did with the names in the opening credits. Creativity with the credits is another way to quickly and easily earn major bonus points with me!

Sooooo yeah, definitely enjoyable. Again, something fell a little flat, but I feel if I take a half a rock hand off of my rating, I’ll end up feeling like a total tool later as I remember the film more and more fondly. I know, not making sense on paper (err type? screen?) but it makes sense in my head.

Easy A – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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