Toy Story 3

“Gonna make this snappy cause its nearly bed time, and I dont wanna postpone cause I got a pretty full day ahead of me mañana.

I really have grown up with Toy Story. I must’ve been in about 5th grade when the original came out, and I remember I saw it in the theater. Toy Story 2 was high school. Also saw it in the theater. Saw the rerelease in 3-D last year. And now, all growed up (or at least pretending to be) Toy Story 3.

Its always kinda forboding going into a sequel for a movie that has such a special place in your heart, epspecially when its so long after the original. But you know what, it was a spectacular and satisfying send off for such a special franchise. Not 3 minutes into the movie I felt like I was 10 again. Actually I felt younger, but I woulda been about 10 at the original.

There was so many touching sentimental scenes (some of which got me close to tears…that doesnt happen to me), but so many hilariously brilliant ones too, and one a-\m/-mazing Cool Hand Luke reference. Or at least I thought the reference was great. I dont think too many others there got it, but it is exhibit A as far as what a good job they did with the “”really big kid”” jokes as well as the laughs for the little ones. Also, major points for a scene that some of the DWTS pros assisted with. Won’t spoil. You’ll just hafta see it for yourself.

I would also like to give the film the prestigious “”most creative use for a tortilla”” award. Again, wont spoil, but that gag had me laughing for a good five minutes.

Right, so if you grew up with these toys like I did, go give them a proper farewell. But dont bother with the 3D. I didnt really notice anything special with it. Buy more candy instead

Toy Story 3 – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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