Get Him to the Greek

“I’m trying a new philosphy (or something) for picking movies to watch. Im trying to accept the fact that I dont absolutely _need_ to see everything that’s playing at the theater that I have the slightest interest in. I should only go to the ones I really wanna see, and skip the ones that feel more like a chore. We’ll see how that goes, but for this week that translates to me only planning on viewing one of the four major releases. Screw you Killers, Splice, and Marmaduke (not that you ever had a prayer in hell). Congratulations Get Him To The Greek. If only you’d been better to me.

As most of ya’ll know, ..Greek was a semi sequel, more of a spin-off really, of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Borrowed character, hazy timeline, and unfortunately new writers. I did rather love Sarah Marshall. I was a bit on the fence about it after the first viewing, but it grew on me as I processed it and I loved it by the time I rewatched it on DVD. However, in going to see Greek today, I should have been a bit more aware of the fact that I really couldnt stand Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand) in Marshall, which is a problem given that this whole movie is about him. I guess I somehow thought that being immersed in his screentime, I’d somehow just go with it. I was wrong.

Now before I get into the negative, I should note that I think Im in the minority on these feelings. Clearly, Brand’s career took off as a result of Sarah Marshall. And the majority of the sell out crowd (we were in a small auditorium) at today’s matinee seemed to disagree with me as well. I think it all comes down to (as it often does) just being a different style of comedy than I typically like.

I go for the smart, clever stuff, meaning witty dialogue and the unexpected, unexpected usually including a far amount of offensive. For exhibit A look at just about anything by Kevin Smith. I can also go for the other end of the spectrum, the really dumb stuff that’s best at 2 AM when drunk. Dude Where’s My Car comes to mind. Greek’s primary comedic weapon was WTF-itude. There was just so much that was messed up and random. But to me it felt a bit phoned in I guess. Either always saw it coming or didnt find it in any way inovative or imagintive. Sorry.

To his credit, I will say that Russell Brand did kinda grow on me a bit by the end. No, dont expect me to run out and pick up his My Booky Wook or anything like that. But there was a surprising amount of arc to his character and I was into it. I adore Jonah Hill, but his style reached a new level of awkward here, another thing I dont particularly go for. I kinda think he peaked back in Superbad. I got my fingers crossed for him that he’ll get that level back. Was very happy to see Elizabeth Moss, since this is the first time I’ve seen her as not Peggy Olsen (stuff I’ve seen pre-Mad Men doesnt count). P. Diddy had some moments, but he also had a bit too much of the awkward comedy thing going.

While its on my mind, what’s up with all the trailers lately that include scenes not in the movie? Im not sure how I feel about that.

The one big positive I can give is that there were some righteous cameos. Wont spoil cause half the fun is in the surprises.

I guess in summary, one of the reviews I skimmed earlier this weekend had the right thought. It was something along the lines of if Aldous Snow was your favorite part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then Get Him to the Greek is definitely for you. Otherwise, you might wanna steer clear.

Get Him to the Greek – \m/ \n