Singing In the Rain (AFI #5)

“Im still a few movies shy of the end, but I ordered my victory present last night. It should in theory get here right when I mostly finish (still planning to save #1 for a movie night next weekend). Yup, finally getting a Wii. And Rock band. And Green Day Rock Band. Im excited.

As a bit of a musical theater geek, Singin’ in the Rain is one (like many were on the AFI list) that Im loooong overdue to watch. And boy was it worth it.

I’d noticed lately that a lotta times I tend to tune out during musical numbers in movies. Not the case here. That’s when I’d drop whatever distraction I may have been holding on to, and paid full attention. I particularly loved “”Make ‘Em Laugh”” and not just cause I was thinking of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s rendition of it on SNL (damn you YouTube for yanking all clips of it!). I know I’ve said a lot that I dont particularly care for visual humor, but I think thats cause no one does physical comedy like that anymore. While I might not find it laugh out loud funny, Im still mesmerized by its sheer awesome. Oh and that song also made me think of The Full Monty (musical, not movie) and Ethan’s (I think it was Ethan) obsession with trying to run up the wall like Donald O’Connor cause it was as close to dancing as he could do. And of course that one rehearsal where Misha put his foot thru the wall practicing that scene. Memories.

Bringing it back before I digress too much. So much of that movie is just epically classic (can I even say that?). That preview showing of the movie, brilliant. Loved loved loved the characters–Cosmo, Lina, Don–some of the best written and best portrayed ever.

I will admit that it did kinda lose me here and there. Didnt really go for the long modern musical sequence towards the end. But even with that, still a wonderful movie watching experience in general.”

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