Gone with the Wind (AFI #6)

“Jesus, why were there three 3+ hour long movies in a row on the list? Luckily this was a holiday weekend. Movie going plans for today fell through, so I was able to fit in two epics. Should keep me on track to finish the project within a week. Well, mostly finish it. I kinda wanna do a big movie night for Citizen Kane since I’ve had a buncha people say they’d be interested in watching it. For those in the Boston area, Im thinking a week from Sat if I stay on schedge. We’ll see.

Gotta be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled about watching this one. I’d seen it once before, back in 7th grade in my Texas History class when we were studying the civil war. Everyone at my school whole heartedly agreed that Texas History is the single most boring subject you can take there. So that on its own tainted this film for me. Also, I just didnt get it back then. I didnt remember too much other than Scarlett had a bunch of husbands although she was always whining about some guy named Ashley, and I didnt like the ending.

This time, such a different experience. Maybe it was the magic of Blu-Ray (stunning visual. Very worth the upgrade), but I really got into it today. And that’s that I’ve struggled with a lot of the AFI’s, in particular the lengthy ones. Strangely, I really did care more about the love stories than the war. I guess thats cause the characters are so compelling. At the same time, I equally hated Scarlett and wanted to be her. Rhett is so dashing, I was falling in love with him thru the whole thing.

Its such a full (that sounds like a weak word) film. Between all the character stuff, and the civil war fall out, its kinda intense. And a bit \m/ up for its day, I think (Im particularly thinking of “”Maybe you’ll have an accident…””). With all that, the four hours flew by like nothing, when there’s def been some films less than half that length that seemed painfully long.

By the time we got to the last five minutes, I was on the edge of my bed holding my breath. Some of the most intense moments of cinema ever, and thats that I knew exactly what was going down. So yeah, very glad to have rediscovered this one. I like that I’ll be able to think fondly on it, instead of groaning every time I hear the title, as was previously the case.”

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