Schindler’s List (AFI #8)

“Before I get into this movie, I got some other film related spit to talk about from this weekend. I’ll just give you the quick version.

Yesterday I went down to NYC to see Behanding in Spokane and God of Carngae. Got to Behanding early and was able to catch Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken, which had me so \m/ giddy. Then after Carnage, I caught Lucy Liu on her way out of the theater. Such one of the best days ever. I still can’t get over meeting Rockwell. He’s been a fave of mine since Choke. Yeah, still on cloud 9.

Shifting gears slightly. I swore to myself I wouldnt go on a movie buying binge until the AFI project was done. My queue of unwatched movies (not counting the now 7 AFI’s left) is at like 25. Then I saw a blurb in about a sidewalk sale at a movie store in Brookline, so guess where I went this afternoon. Cleaned up good though. 13 movies for 48 and change. Not too shabby. Now, I swear, with the exception of new release Tuesdays I will hold off on the film acquisition.

Now we’re into the actual movie write up. Schindler’s List is one that I’ve always known I needed to watch, but its tough to actually sit down and \m/ do it. You just dont wanna go for something depressing when there’s a million other things out there. But its number was up on the AFI project, so here I am. And oh God, it is everything they say it is. So good, and powerful, and depressing, and I wanna say awesome, but I mean it in a more geniune sense of the word than I usually use.

Such a compelling and interesting story. I really didnt know what I was in for, other than it was supposta be one of the best Holocaust movies out there. Liam Neeson was just fantastic, and I absolutely loved Ralph Fiennes as well.

And I just lost my train of thought. Sorry.

I did get distracted by things here and there, such as a phone call from mom, and a neighbor blasting Glee which made for a very interesting soundtrack. All that did sorta take the harsh edge off the film. I did wanna be paying more attention, but its tough when run time is over 3 hours.

Also, that last sequence is just so beautiful. There were some pretty harrowing images throughout, but the end was beyond brilliant.


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