Vertigo (AFI #9)

“This is one of the ones I’ve been most stoked for. Alas, outside circumstances got in the way of what woulda prolly otherwise been a fantabulous movie watching experience.

Stayed a bit late a work and was in a mood when I left. So that put a damper on the evening to begin with. Then I start watching the film and about 30 minutes in, it freezes up on me. I take out the DVD, try wiping it off, and put it back in. The best I could do was skip 5 minutes, which was acceptable. But another 10 minutes later, the same thing happened. So I gave up, shelled out 4 bucks, and streamed the HD version from Amazon. Downside there, besides it being really annoying to queue up, is that I lost the subtitles. And with all the sirens outside and other assorted noises, that makes following dialogue quite difficult. I was also distracted by a really addicting game on my ipod. Its this one where you have a whole bunch of blocks that can only slide in one direction, and you need to rearrange them to free the red block. Had to actually get up and put the ipod in its dock to keep me from playing for a while.

Between all of that, I was only catching bits of it here and there. And I swear, I really was trying to pay attention. I had to IMDB the full synopsis to make sure I got it all, and it really does sound wicked cool. Im just gonna hafta give it another watch when Im in a better mood and much more awake.

I do love James Stewart oh so very much. He’s def one of my fave parts of the AFI project. Was really struck by Kim Novack in this one. And of course, this goes without saying, but Hitchcock is a \m/ genius. I love how he can take something really ordinary and use it to scare the shit out of you. In Psycho it was a shower. Here its a large staircase. Yep, he’s another check in the WIN! column for this whole quest of mine.”

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