Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (AFI #34)

“Really trying to focus so I can do this write up, but its frickin’ hard to concentrate when Nosferatu is going nutso around the apartment chasing a fly. So cute!!

There was a slight hiccup to the start of the movie. I had it on a hand me down VHS, that IM not sure I’d ever even watched–now Lestat’s joining in on the fly chasing…sorry–so anyways I put the tape in the VCR and its not quite working. Adjusted the tracking to no avail. Its times like these that Im ridiculously happy to live 2 blocks from a Best Buy. Also quite lucky that Snow White wasn’t currently in the “”Disney vault”” ( still disagree with that policy, BTW) so I was able to just run over and pick it up. I woulda been quite the sad panda if this plan had been foiled.

I can’t remember the last time I’d seen this one, but it musta been when my age was in single digits. Even though Im 25 now, I still love classic Disney. Although, Im much more fond of the second golden age (Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, etc) than the original classics.

Also, you know how I’ve said before that I dont typically go for slapstick comedy? The exception to the rule is animated slapstick. I fall for that every time. So it should be quite easy to guess which dwarf is my favorite Yep, that’d be Dopey.

Should also not come as a surprise that I dont care for Snow White herself that much. She is faaaar too much of a girlie girl for my taste. I do believe in girl power (to some extent, Im not a feminazi or anything extreme) so on some level I do find her airheadedness and one track mindness a bit disgusting. Luckily the more recent ones have been much more layered. My fave Disney princess would be Jasmine (mostly cause she’s Aladdin’s girl), but you gotta admit she is quite tough and strongwilled in her own right. Ariel comes next on my list, but the one I have the most respect for would be Mulan. Why is she always left outta the princess stuff? Love Belle for being nerdy, and most recently, very much admire Tianna’s work ethic. I love that there is a princess out there who worked for her goal and didnt just sit there singing and wishing.

The other thing I was thinking is how much more fitting would it have been that if instead of the evil queen dying, it turns out her ugly spell was irreversible? Poetic justice trumps unimaginitive death any day.

The end is in sight. That was the last of the bottom 90. But before I can start to think about the top ten, Lost finale tonight!!”

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