The French Connection (AFI #93)

“Happy mothers day, to any mommies who might be reading this. I actually just got back from taking mine (who’s visting me in Beantown for two weeks) to NYC for the weekend. Her Mom’s day present was that I took her to Phantom of the Opera, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I got no complaints about it, but woulda preferred to be at American Idiot (which was just across the street). Thats not a statement about Phantom, thats a statement about Idiot.

BTW, as we were leaving NYC, I saw a guy outside a sandwich shop on 44th that I thought was Michael Esper (Idiot’s Will). Just as I convince myself that it couldnt be him, John Gallagher Jr (Idiot’s Jesus of Suburbia) walks right by me. He was jabbering away on his cell so I doubt my existence even registered on his radar, but it totally made my day.

Right, movie, that’s why we’re here on this blog. I’d realized in the past few days that even though much of my time has been spent entertaining mom, we usually do manage to sit down at the end of the day for a movie. So I thought I’d be able to manage an AFI. Well…

I did manage to sit down for it, but mom was puttering around unpacking and distracting me. Then we ordered some Chinese food that distracted me even more. By the time I finally sat down to watch, I had no clue what was going on.

That said, that whole subway chase thing was really cool. Didnt need to know any of the players or details to appreciate that bit.

Might give the AFI thing another go later this week, just need to think it thru a wee bit more”