ET (AFI #24)

“This movie deserves such a better and more thoughtful write up than Im ’bout to give it. For that matter, it deserved a much more attentive watch than I gave it yesterday. I thought if I went with something familiar while puttering around I wouldnt miss too much. That was a fail.

But I really do love this movie. I remember watching it over and over when I was little, although I couldnt really handle the end-ish when ET and Elliot get sick. I also remember one Christmas when they had an ET photo set up thing at Montgomery Wards. You’d sit on a bike with a little ET in the basket, and there was a starry background. And since my parents never believed in me taking any sorta “”good”” pictures in anything but my nicest clothes, I wore my green velveteen Christmas dress from that year. Also, one of the few memories I have from Disneyworld in first grade was the ET ride. I was in the middle seat, so I had the ET basket.

They rereleased it in theaters when I was in high school. That was during hte point in time when me and my so called friends would loiter at IHOP, making Rorschach tests out of syrup and napkins, and artwork sculptures out of silverware. Some “”ET phone home”” reference led to us deciding to check out the movie the next day. I wasn’t too impressed with the revamp, but the movie itself still inspired warm fuzzies.

I love how I still laugh with every scene Drew Barrymore steals, and how adorably and perfectly puppeted ET was, and how sweet and innocent Elliot is. I was paying enough attention to pause what I was doing just in time to catch some of my fave parts–alligators in the sewers, Elliot faking sick, ET playing dress up. So good.

Momentarily entertained the thought of getting in one of the uber short AFI’s in tonight after DWTS. But I had to take care of paying mom’s bills for this month and helping her get some of that shit settled, which is another thing that postponed this write up”

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