Dr Strangelove: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (AFI #39)

“First off, I saw American Idiot yesterday and OMG it was awesome. I’ll prolly post an “”Expletive Dleted Special Edition”” write up on it later on today or tomorrow.

But for now, my goal today is to get thru 3 AFI movies and somehow fit in laundry, groceries, and cleaning up my room. My mom’s gonna be here for two weeks starting Wed so Im thinking that’s gonna put a hold on most of my movie watching. I swear, I’ll get thru it all one day.

Jumped right into the movies this morning with Dr Strangelove. When first looking at the somewhat intimidating list of 100 movies I was gonna be watching during the next few months, there were the ones I was excited about and the ones I was concerned about. The most disconcerting ones, however, were the few that I had seen before and didnt enjoy. Dr Strangelove is one of those. Blasphemy, I know. Bite me.

I’d always heard what an amazing and hysterical film this was, so a couple years ago, I put it on my X-mas list. I think it took me about 4 or 5 tries to get thru it, cause I kept falling asleep (bear in mind, its only a 90 min movie). I gave it a second chance about a year or so ago, and still couldnt get into it. I just never found it funny.

Watching it today, I could kinda see where the humor was coming from, and I think a big problem was my expectations. Its not the sort of thing Im used to, mostly cause it aint the sorta thing I go for. But at least this time around, I was at least able to understand that a bit.

One of the biggest points of the movie is that its a great showcase of Peter Sellers’ acting talents, in the many roles he plays. And I will definitely give him that win. Granted, the two previous times I watched I wasn’t paying much attention (and I’ll admit to the same for this morning’s viewing) but today I still had some “”hey that’s him again!”” moments.

Anyways, at least I got one of my big hurdles crossed off.”

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