The African Queen (AFI #65)

“Given that I tweeted last night that I was gonna watch this movie, combined with my usual track record, but my write up is just now being posted, I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what happened.

Interesting scenario, but seemed kinda slow. Although I was very much amused by how overly formal the character’s interactions were. Then again, that’s something that’s stood out to me with all the older AFI films. I just cant get my head around calling a peer “”Mr”” or “”Miss””, even if we did just meet.

Non-sequeter comment. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Bogie in color. I find him more charming in B & W.

Im anxious to run out on a movie aquisition expedition. Best Buy Fenway was sold out of Minority Report on Blu-Ray so Im walking over to the Back Bay location, and will likely swing by Newbury while Im there. So cutting this write up short. I know, my AFI ones have gotten worse and worse as far as content. To be honest, I really just wanna be done with the damn project. Its gone on way too long. I’ve enjoyed it, but its feeling more and more like a chore with each movie I watch. Thats not supposta happen.”

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