“You know how I know summer movie season is right around the corner? The movies at the theater have left “”No way in hell””, passed “”Do I hafta?””, moved forward from “”Yes please”” and are now starting to hit “”OMG CAN I SEE THIS NOW?!””. Kick-Ass falls in that latest category, as I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Did it measure up? Yeah, Id say so.

Those of you who have a decent handle on my movie taste shouldnt be too surprised by my sentiments towards this, as it was very much a “”Dawn movie””. There was violence, and it was gratuitous, comic, and extra rare steak kinda bloody. There was comedy, and it was quotable, crude, and capable of inducing loud laughs outta this quiet little mouse. Yeah you really just need a decent helping of those two overarching categories and Im all set.

Beyond that, loved the characters. Kick Ass was sympathetic and relatable, I wanna hang out with Red Mist, and I wanna be Hit Girl (def considering it for a possible Halloween costume). They were all very well cast. Double bonus points for Christopher Mintz-Plasse for taking a few steps away from McLovin’ typecasting with a slightly less awkward character, and for generally being awesome. Will also give Nic Cage props for not annoying me as he often tends to do. According to IMDB trivia, some of the better gags for his character were his ideas.

Felt like they did a good job incorporating the whole comic book thing, especially the way they did the sequence for the Hit Girl/Big Daddy backstory. Really need to get my hands on the source material. Been a while since I last read a graphic novel and/or comic book so Im a bit overdue.

So yeah, all rock hands up in the air for this one. Gonna anxiously await the Blu-Ray so I can see it again

Kick-Ass – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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