Blade Runner (AFI #97)

“So I just got back from Kick-Ass and I really wanna do that write up, but I should be a good little blogger and go in order–even though if I truly were a good little blogger I’d have done this write up this morning. Anyhoo, thats my excuse this time around for this one being inevitably short.

I dont know why I still keep trying to watch AFI’s on Friday night. I always end up falling asleep. And I was more into Blade Runner than I had been for a lot of the recent AFI’s I’ve crossed off the list.

In general, I have mixed feelings about it. I will say I liked it better on this second viewing, than I had a year and a half ago (or so) when I first watched it. Think it was too hyped up for that first watch, common story. Story wise, I find it very intriguing. Love the premise and Harrison Ford’s character. While I understand that it was ground breaking science fiction back in the day, the visual didnt age very well, at least not for me. But we’ve long since established that older movies have a harder time getting me to fully appreciate them. Personal character flaw.

Getting closer to the end. Will be kinda nice to go back to watching movies at home without feeling like its an obligation. I’ll likely start up another project in the fall, but def looking foward to a bit of a break first.”