The Grapes of Wrath (AFI #23)

“Back from a quick vacation to Texas for my cousin Ritchie’s (or Rick as he usually goes by now) wedding. Had some tentative plans for movie watching that didnt work out. Thought maaaaybe there’d be an hour and a half when I could watch The General online. Nope. Then I really wanted to take my baby cousin, Carys, to see …Dragon but timing didnt work out. Although that turned out for the best cause Im gonna get to see it at the IMAX this weekend. Anyhoo, as much as I wanted to just put on something mindless and pass out tonight, I figured that I really gotta get these AFI movies done. I keep missing one arbitrary deadline after another another, and I’m so \m/ close.

Before I get into tonight’s movie, I forgot to post this article. It amused me (mostly because it prominently features the word expletive, including the phrase expletive deleted) even if I dont agree with the writer’s stance on the subject.

Right. AFI movie. Tonight’s pick was The Grapes of Wrath. I dont know if its cause I didnt do a good job balancing out the movies so Im left with a decent selection, or if Im getting exhausted on the last legs of the project, or if its life in general, but Im finding it more and more difficult to get into these films. Although this time around, I swear I really was trying. And it had me sometimes. But the problem was that its really depressing (and slow) and with everything I’ve had to deal with lately (still not going into detail), depressing isnt exactly what Im in the mood for.

I did like the characters. Ma Joad in particular stood out to me, as did the preacher, err former preacher. Also particularly liked that diner scene early on where they’re trying to buy food for the trip. Found the way it played out and ultimately concluded very touching. I can see how the film is considered significant in the movie world, but just not quite something I woulda wanted to watch right now if I didnt have a mission to accomplish.”

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