Clash of the Titans

“Ah yes, the dreaded April action movie. The attempted blockbuster that doesnt quite have what it takes to be released a month later, when its officially summer season movie wise. I knew to expect nothing going into this one. Was somewhat tempted to skip it, but we all know that was never gonna happen.

What also didnt help was that the guy behind me while waiting for the ticket taker mentioned to his movie buddy that the 3D in the movie was gonna suck because it was originally intended and shot as a 2d movie. \m/. I’d forgotten that fact, and I was hypercritical of the third dimension the whole time. But the truth is, no it was not worth it. You know how if you take off the glasses, the screen looks blurry, and however blurry it is is proportional to the effects. In other words, a really detailed 3D scene will be really blurry. The picture looked pretty clear a lot of times I took off the glasses. Not good. It was not noticable at all. On the upside, at least it wasnt headache inducing as last minute 3D often is. Or maybe its just that the movie was putting me to sleep.

Yeah, it was all just dull. I dont know what it was. I did like the characters, which was an easy win for them because of course Im gonna love mythological peeps. I guess the story just wasnt anything too special. And there’s the added fact that I dont know my mythology as well as I’d like. Yup, thats another one of those I-should-study-up-on-this-subject comments that Im never gonna actually do. My usual one is I should study up on WWII. Moving on.

The action scenes left a lot to be desired. Im very much an action junkie, so if those scenes were the ones putting me most to sleep, we got a major \m/ problem. There was one good fight towards the end-ish but it didnt come close to making up for the rest of ’em.

The comment I have about the cast is that I didnt recognize most of the actors I should have. Yes I caught Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Alexa Davalos, and Nicholas Hoult (although I didnt remember his name and referred to him in my head as the cute guy from A Single Man) but I totally didnt catch Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, or Jason Flemyng. I mean, yes, I did see they were there, but I didnt realize who they were. Bad movie afficionado. *slap on the wrist*. Also, it hurt my soul a little bit to see Liam Neeson (and Ralph Fiennes when I realized it) doing a movie so beneath him.

I know this is a movie that you pretty much know what you’re getting into if you do decide to see it, which an unfortunate number of ya’ll prolly will. My only advice is that I’d recommend spending the extra 3 bucks supersizing your snacks for a 2D showing. At least you’ll get some extra M&M’s out of it.

Clash of the Titans – \m/ \n

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