Nashville (AFI #59)

“Hey, its one of my signature I-didnt-pay-much-attention-to-the-movie-so-this-is-gonna-be-a-short-AFI-write-up entries. Best.

So the deal I made with myself this afternoon when I got back from filing my taxes (I’ll spare ya’ll the rant, but the short version is the private screening of Vampire’s Assistant screwed me over a bit) was that I’d watch a movie out of my queue and then if I didnt have anything else to do tonight, THEN I’d watch an AFI. Watched National Treasure 2 and still didnt have anything else better to do once it was over. And thus, here we are.

This ones got me puzzling as to why it was included on the list, and it missed the top half by that much. I was bored. It was more musical performances than anything else, and while I can appreciate country music, I dont quite dig old school country. Some of the characters were interesting, but there wasn’t enough going on at a time to really hold me.

Clearly, Im missing something”

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