The Godfather Part II (AFI #32)

“As a rule, I usually approach sequels with a bit of apprehension. Not so with this one. I’d seen it a couple times before, and was more than happy to watch it again. Although with its crazy long running time, I wasn’t suure when I’d manage to. There is some debate as to whether this is one of the even rarer sequels that surpasses the original. Im on the Part I is better camp, but I wouldnt argue too hard against someone who’s pro Part II

The plot does get a bit confusing in this one. Thankfully, IMDB FAQ is wonderful for clearing up some of that mess. That aside, it is one fantastic movie. Great cast, great story, great characters.

This is another one of those that we all know how awesome it is, there really isnt much I hafta say about it, is there?

Well, accomplished both goals for this weekend. Im now at 75 and I knocked out the longest ones, which I’d color coded as brick red on my “”what’s left”” spreadsheet. Got lots of stuff coming up this week, including Dropkick Murphy’s on St Paddy’s Day, that are gonna greatly hinder the movie watching. But Im okay with that.”

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