The Sound of Music (AFI #40)

“I cannot believe its taken me this long to see this film. I am very surprised that its not something I grew up with. I guess there’s a maybe ten year period in there where I understand that, cause its not the sort of thing I would’ve found interesting when I was older, at least until my musical theater thing, but still. Im a smidge flabbergasted.

To be honest, I had my doubts going into it. Im not exactly a fan of Rogers and Hammerstein (dont even get me started on my Carousel rant), and the little I knew about it didnt exactly excite me. I ended up absolutely loving it. I had a handful of around the apartment activities planned out just in case I needed something to help me through the nearly three hours of it. Didnt need to resort to any of ’em. Well, to be fair, I jumped right into putting away laundry so I did have that distraction for a while. But I actively chose not to continue with the movie wall rearrangement I’d started the other night.

Most of the music was familiar (again, musical theater, Ive come across them all at some point) but I was very entertained by all the musical numbers. Julie Andrews was fabulous and I loved all the children.

So yes, I feel a great childhood wrong has now been righted.”

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