Double Indemnity (AFI #29)

“Dammit, thats the second time in the past week I post on the wrong LJ first

Before the real write up, just wanted to take a quick moment for some musings on last night’s Academy Awards. For the most part, quite happy with the results. Yeah, they were mostly predictable, but that meant that I ended up winning the Oscar Pool I was in. No money involved, but I am milking those bragging rights for all they’re worth. I only got 3 wrong. I missed Foreign Film, even though I considered switching it at the last minute. I shoulda known that the same thing that happened to Pan’s Labyrinth and Waltz With Bashir would happen to this year’s frontrunner, The White Ribbon, but didnt listen to my gut there. I did pay attention to that for the sound awards, picking Hurt Locker for both, which is what gave me my edge. Well that, and following EW’s advice for the shorts. The one short I missed was Animated Short, and having seen all the nominees I was kinda sad about the result. Yes, Logorama was the most inventive and original at least as far as the visual, but I found the story itself quite boring. If anything was gonna beat out Wallace & Gromit I was hoping for Granny O’Grimm’s or The Lady and The Reaper. The last one I missed was adapted screenplay. Did not see Precious coming at all, and was quite sad that what shoulda been a lock for “”Up In The Air”” resulted in that film going home empty handed.

As far as the ceremony itself, it was rather unmemorable. My two favorite moments (without thinking too hard about it) were wicked early in the program: NPH’s surprise appearance and Christoph Waltz’s “”uber bingo””. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were great, but nothing much was really happening otherwise.

At least now I can relax for a few months on that front. Except for being very gung-ho about Shutter Island, there isnt really much speculating to do yet for next year 😀

Now–Double Indemnity. I’d actually sat down to watch Swing Time instead, but then went down to check the mail and Double Indemnity was waiting for me (bee tee dubs, I now own or can easily access all the rest of the AFI’s). I’d been really wanting to see this one. The whispers of a plot I’d heard really intrigued me. Sounded like my kinda thing.

Sadly, as has often been the case, I was a bit distracted so I didnt get into it as much as I woulda liked. This will definitely merit a second watch at some point in the hopefully not to distant future. I mostly followed the dialogue but missed most of the visual. But the story didnt disappoint.

Really liked Fred MacMurray. He caught my eye when I recognized him from The Apartment. Dont know why I was so struck by the way he said “”Baby””.

Anyhoo, starting to crash now. Long day at work and I didnt sleep too well last night, so I should prolly go pick something outta the queue to go sleepy-bye to”

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