Taxi Driver (AFI #52)

“Aw man, so distracted. Huzzah for Christoph Waltz and his uber bingo!

I’d seen Taxi Driver once before. It was one of those that I’d always heard about being an iconic film. But you know what it was that finally got to me go out and buy it (besides the fact that it was on sale at Best Buy that week)? The pic of Robert DeNiro in a mohawk. Let’s put this in context. I am a punk (as in punk rocker). I believe in rebellion and self expression. The mohawk is very much a symbol of all of that. So I really wanted to see what would drive his character to that point. On that front, I was a bit disappointed, but I still enjoyed this film.

Character pieces tend to be real hit or miss from me. As I tend to mention in about every third write up or so, I like narrative and plot. So a character piece has to be damn compelling to keep my attention. This one was. Although I will admit that I dont quite get all of it. I’ve seen it twice now and still dont quite understand much of the end.

What I do understand is what a fantastic performance both from Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster. Sadly, this time I was anticipating Foster’s big scenes so much and I ended up dozing off and missing about 85% of her screen time.

Okay really too distracted to think of much else. Sorry Mr Scorsese”

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