The Apartment (AFI #80)

“I fell asleep for the last five minutes (which is by no means the movie’s fault) so Im gonna keep this on the short-ish side so I can go to bed. Case in point, I’d actually just posted this on my old LJ. Almost didnt notice until the font color caught me off guard.

First reaction to The Apartment is that its far more risqué than I woulda expected for its time. And parts of it were rather heavy too (the whole sleeping pill thing). Not that that’s a complaint. On the contrary, it was all a rather pleasant surprise.

The other thought was how much the setting reminded me of How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Half the time, I was expecting Baxter to start singing “”The Company Way””. Notably, The Apartment was turned into a broadway musical back in the 60’s. There’s a revival coming up this year starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenowyth. I absolutely adore the two of them (Hayes in particular) so Im hoping to catch that. We’ll see if it actually happens since I tend to average only one NYC trip a year, and I already know Im gonna go see American Idiot in May.

Really liked the cast. Jack Lemmon’s character in “”Some Like it Hot”” was my favorite, and this one multiplied my love and respect for him. Yet another wonderful actor I’ve become familiar with thru this project. Also nice to be able to put an iconic performance with Shirley MacLaine’s name in my head. I feel more movie-ly educated now.”

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