Bonnie & Clyde (AFI #41)

“Penultimate Amazon rental. 1 more to rent, 2 free online, and 3 on order from I should have access to all the pending movies on the list pretty soon. Should also note that this one was an HD rental. Really didnt notice much difference, but it was only a buck more.

Aw crap, I feel this is gonna be another one of my infamously incoherent write ups, like …Virgina Woolfe yesterday. I had a similar issue where I’d get really into it, then my mind would wander and it’d lose me for a bit. When I’d come back, I’d feel like I’d missed something important.

The first thing that really caught me off guard about Bonnie and Clyde is that they had a gang. You always just hear of them as a deadly duo. So I was a bit confused when they first picked up their accomplice, and by how much they were riding around with Clyde’s fam. Just something that struck me as odd.

According to IMDB trivia, this movie was pretty groundbreaking as far as some of the violence in the film. Among its acheivements, it was the first time you’d see a gun fired and hit someone in the same shot. So I guess all those violent films that I crave nowadays owe a lot to this one.

Now I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Warren Beatty was quite pretty back in the day, and I absolutely loved him as Clyde. But really, I loved Faye Dunaway as Bonnie even more. I’d like to think of myself as a fairly badass chick, and I like movies that showcase tough girls who can kick some butt. Bonnie Parker definitely fits that description. Dunaway is one of many actors/resses that I was introduced to thru the AFI project. Each performance of hers just kicks her up another notch in my book.

Spent a good chunk of the movie thinking bout Public Enemies (mostly cause of the whole “”we’re here for the bank’s money”” bit), to the point where I just put it on in the background while Im writing this. It has been sitting in my movie queue for a while. Only about 10 inutes in, but can def say that the decision to get that one on Blue-Ray was a good one. I’d been on the fence, but this is one of the few where the quality really is just awesome. Just leaving it on for a few minutes while I eat lunch, then head over to Cop Out”