All the President’s Men (AFI #77)

“Just before staring the movie, I spent some time working on a spreadsheet of what films were left on the list including their running times, divided between those I have and haven’t seen. Hopefully that will help me prioritize the rest. Movies that are under two hours can prolly get viewed on weeknights, and the longer ones on the weekends. We’ll see how that goes.

The plan for tonight was to hit an over two hour one. Looking at the time I finished, I prolly shoulda gone for an even longer one, but its all good. All The Presidents Men was rather enjoyable.

What I found particularly cool about it is that its intriguing on two fronts. On the one hand, there’s the whole Watergate mystery. But at the same time, its very much a story about reporters and gives a pretty good look into their line of work. Apparently (acc to IMDB trivia, of course) this movie often gets shown to journalism students.

Mad props to the cast as well. We all know how much I love Dustin Hoffman, so I’ll spare you the usual paragraph about his awesomeness. Really loved Robert Redford as well. Kinda nice to have another great role to think of him in besides Sneakers (not that I am in any way knocking that wonderfully fun flick).

Not too much else to say on it. Mission accomplished for the weekend, movie wise. Really hoping to get two in during the week, but we’ll see how that goes. And now I’ve got two hungry vampire kitties awaiting their dinner”