Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? (AFI #67)

“This one’s been intriguing me for a while, but just now getting around to seeing it. Although I kinda wish I was in a more attentive mood.

I got really into it at the beginning, then got lost somewhere after the “”bourgin”” scene in the yard, and had a hard time getting back into it. Im definitely gonna need to give this one a second viewing at some point and/or tear into the actual play.

Ugh, this is an awkwardly written blog entry. Sorry folks, not sure what’s up with me today.

Anyways, I loved how \m/ up this one was (big surprise there). I really had not expected that. The first half made me feel uncomfortable silently observing the awkwardness. Then there were just so many WTF moments throughout.

I dont feel I got really good understanding of the whole thing, though. I found a spark notes type site online and kinda skimmed it for info. Mostly because the wedding bouquet line caught me as familiar and I was trying to Google where I’d heard it before.

Fantastic cast. I dont think I’d ever seen Liz Taylor in action before, so watching her in the role she considers her best was really cool. Was also thinking that I’d love to play Honey someday. Lately when I see plays (or movies from plays) I’d been thinking about them from a directorial perspective. It’d been a while since I came away from one thinking about it as an actor, but yeah I think I gotta add that to the list of dream roles. Not that Im likely to have a shot at it, and I really dont know how well I’d do, but it’d def be a fun challenge.

Right, well Im really not making much sense today. Gonna stop for now, hit the grocery store, and re-evaluate if I really should hit another AFI before Flogging Molly tonight or not.”

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