The Silence of the Lambs (AFI #74)

“Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year. Its my bday movie night. I’ve been obsessively cleaning the apartment all day (something that only happens two or three times a year and always for a party). The line up is Aladdin, Zomebieland, (500) Days of Summer, each followed by an act of Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Got going well enough on the cleaning thing that I had time to sneak in a movie. Since I was likely to be distracted, I wanted something familiar, which narrowed it down a bit. From there, I wanted something on DVD cause I didnt feel like changing around all the settings on the system. The next restriction was a 2 hour time limit. Between all that, Lambs was the only one left.

This is another movie that I forget how good it is, mainly because the first time I saw it way back when (it was one of the first DVD’s I ever rented) I didnt care much for it. I cant remember if I saw this or Red Dragon first, but I’d always prefered Red Dragon. Mostly cause Edward Norton is my fave actor. Now I think I’d prolly see them equally, even though its prolly been a couple years since I last saw Dragon.

Notably, I’ve now seen all 3 grand slam academy awards movies. You know, ones that won Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, & Screenplay. The other two were It Happened One Night and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I just love the fact that a movie like this, which is right up my macabre alley, could won best picture. The rest is just icing.

Love the story. Love the characters. Love the cast. Similar to Psycho, I still get creeped out listening to Hannibal Lector speak. Im just so entranced by his relationship with Clarice. This time around, I really noticed what a bad ass she is too. I dont know how to describe what it brings out of me, but Im just in awe watching the two of ’em.

Also worth mentioning that since there had been a while since I’d seen this, I didnt even get the HUGE reference in Clerks II until it was pointed out to me. Then of course I rewatched Lambs and it all made sense. Heart Kevin Smith.

Anyways starting to get antsy for tonight and I got a few last minute things to do within the next 75 min.”

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