Ben-Hur (AFI #100)

“Here was another pleasant surprise of a movie. Also didnt know what to expect other than the length–a whopping 212 minutes. I’d actually woken up earlier than I intended to today, and likely coulda squished the whole thing in before heading to the theater. But then I fell asleep for like 30 min which killed that possibility. Had some trouble getting into it at first, but eventually got hooked. Momentarily considered saving all of the second half (so nice of them to include an intermission) until after Percy Jackson, I woulda had the perfect amount of time to watch an episode of Chuck, but decided I was too into the story at that point. I actually came this close to giving up on PJATO:TLT when I wasnt sure if the chariot scene would end in time.

Yeah, that chariot race was \m/ badass. Im just amazed by how well done it was. Even though you could kinda figure what was gonna happen, I was on edge the whole time. I was even yelling along as stuff happened. Apparently, acc to IMDB trivia, the part where he flips over the chariot while jumping the broken one, was an accident that the kept in cause it looked good. That was the point when I yelled “”\m/!””

Really impressed with the way the story flowed too. Its tough to keep my attention through a movie that long, without it either dragging or getting too choppy. Enjoyed the Biblical tie-ins as well. Its kinda tough to pull that off without being either too heavy handed or too hokey.

I dont exactly think Im likely to sit down for the whole thing again any time soon, but really glad that I managed to this time.”

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