The Last Picture Show (AFI #95)

“I had some trouble getting into it at first. Granted, I had a few outside distractions. The ‘rents called just after starting, and I’d also had the soup mishap I mentioned on Twitter. Then I ended up bookending this around The Wolfman. Usually splitting up a movie like that doesnt exactly help, but I think it did this time. I was def more into the second half.

At first, I just tried focusing extra hard on Jeff Bridges to keep my mind from wandering. I knew he was in this, but only knowing him as The Dude and Bad Blake, I woulda never been able to pick him outta the lineup. But that voice of his is unmistakable. And yeah, really did like him in this, to the point where I throw just a bit more support behind him for his likely Oscar win next month.

On the subject of the cast, I didnt even recognize some of the other now famous faces in this: Cybil Shepherd, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, & Randy Quaid. Was particularly impressed with Shepherd. I think it was when her character picked up that I really got into it, even if I ended up hating her (in a good way, hating the character, which is dependant on a good performance) by the end.

Win overall. Still debating whether or not I wanna get in another AFI tonight. Need to grab my laundry and go to Shaw’s. By then, I’ll have just enough time to get thru a movie and rush the write up (which I’d likely save til tomorrow instead). To be decided…”

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