It’s a Wonderful Life (AFI #20)

“This is one of those where I wish I could just check the movie off the list and skip the write up. I mean, in theory I could. No one’s gonna stop me, but I’d be mad at me.

Yeah so this week’s plan of 3 slapstick comedies wasn’t such the best idea afterall. I just was not in the mood. I’d also just found out about icheckmovies from a friend on Rotten Tomatoes, so I spent the whole time going thru the list and checking off movies. My numbers aren’t as high as I woulda liked, but a lot of these lists have a \m/ton of older films and foreign films–neither of which I’ve ever claimed to be familiar with. Reminds me of back on 1E, we had someone build a site like that for the hall to see who’d watched the most movies.

Anyhoo, not much to say on The Gold Rush, since I wasn’t giving it the attention I’ve been led to believe it deserves. Was noticing the score and it kinda annoyed me. I get that that’s what the soundtrack for all silent movies sounded like, but Im just too spoiled by the soundtracks you find in “”talkies”” I guess.”

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