Modern Times (AFI #78)

“I have a plan for this week. I just got in a stack of tapes from and they take up a lot of space in the queue. Included in that stack are 2 Charlie Chaplins and a Marx Brothers, which are each about 90 min. Perfect for after work. Knocked one out tonight

I think I have a bit more appreciation for Charlie Chaplin now. I mentioned back when I wrote up City Lights that I’d seen that one once, and just didnt get it. But then on the second viewing I thought it was just beautiful. With Modern Times, I’d go from being really into it (cringing when he put on the rollerskates or the lady with the buttons on her dress walked by) to not paying attention at all. We know visual humor isnt my thing, and I dont really have much attention span for it. One of the beauties of this genre, however, is that even if my mind wanders, I can jump right back into it. I haven’t missed out on some intricate subplot.

Was particularly captivated by Paulette Goddard as the gamin. Something about her opening scene stealing the bananas just got my attention. She just had such a (and forgive me for getting so hippy-like here) free and playful spirit. Prolly the best part of the movie for me.

I dont know, not much else to say about this one I guess. I think I woulda hated it a few months ago. But now I do enjoy this style, just preferably in small doses.”

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