Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (AFI #73)

“Hey I finally stayed awake thru a late Saturday AFI movie. Prolly could attribute that to two reasons. 1-I didnt pick a 3 hour movie this time. B-I really didnt pay much attention to the second half :-\

Its not really the movie’s fault that it lost me. I just have trouble getting into westerns. I was more interested in reading Paul Newman’s IMDB trivia than the long horse rides and chase scenes. Speaking of Newman, he’s another one I’ve only recently started to get familiar with. I watch Cool Hand Luke for the first time a couple weeks ago, and between that and this Im now starting to understand why he’s such a movie icon.

So yeah, I did like the cast. Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and even Katherine Ross (I just found out that she was Dr Thurman in Donnie Darko) were all fantastic. The other thing I found interesting was the soundtrack. Struck me as odd at first how they were using contemporary songs, but it actually worked quite well. Kinda made the movie a bit more approachable I guess.

Anyhoo, the plan is to get two more in later today. Haven’t decided which two yet.”

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