Annie Hall (AFI #35)

“Here’s another one I was a bit apprehensive about going into it. I’ve never particularly cared for Woody Allen. One of my so-called friends back in high school was pretty obsessive over him (Woody Allen : so-called friend :: Quentin Tarantino : Me) so I was forced to watch many of his films. At the point where it’d became clear that I just wasnt gonna get it, I tried as hard as I could to just fall asleep until it was over. I just didnt understand his humor, and I found him to be awkard to the point of being painful. Now, there have been some that I enjoyed, though I should point out I chose to watch those entirely of my own volition: Everyone Says I Love You and Vicky Christina Barcelona. However, I never really felt the need to give them a second viewing. I think I can add Annie Hall to that list.

Annie Hall has been heralded as Allen’s best, and I can see why. All of his signature idiosyncrasies just fit perfectly. The witty dialogue and references weren’t overly obscure. Im always in favor of talking to the audience, and I found those bits to be just brilliant.

This is another one of those, that Im glad to see so I can finally understand all of the references in other films and such. The one in particular that stands out is That 70’s Show using the “”removed”” bit. Maybe now when I hear someone mention Annie Hall I’ll actually picture Diane Keaton in the hat, vest, and tie instead of Laura Prepon.

Overall I’d say this was a win. Just dont expect me to turn into an actual Woody Allen fan, but I’ll at least not be so quick to dismiss the idea of watching other films of his.”

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