Tootsie (AFI #69)

“On schedule for the weekend so far. Woulda written this up just after I finished it, but I didnt wanna feel rushed. This was one of those that I was kinda sad I ended up renting it off Amazon instead of buying. I really would like to see this one again. Doesnt mean I can’t add it to my DVD wishlist though…

I feel like I may be repeating myself from a previous entry, but I’ll say this anyway. Dustin Hoffman has been one of my faves for a while now. One of the many reasons Im really stoked to be doing this AFI project is that I’ve gotten to see him in so many of his iconic roles: The Graudate, Midnight Cowboy, and now Tootsie. This wont be the last of him either. There’s at least one more of his on the list. But he was just fabulous as Dorothy/Michael. When he was in drag, I not only forgot I was watching Hoffman, but I’d even forget I was watching a man. He was just that belivable at it.

Really, the whole thing felt more like I was watching Mrs Doubtfire for the first time than watching one of the films deemed to be the best by the American Film Institute. What I mean by that is that this didnt have that hint of stuffiness or formality that tends to go along with the other movies on the list. It felt more like I went to Blockbuster and grabbed whatever movie intrigued me. Does that make sense?

Great supporting cast. Really liked Bill Murray. It was a different yet familiar type of role for him. Points for Sydney Pollack as well, mostly just cause I like seeing him. While the girls were good as well, I have a hard time believing Jessica Lange won a supporting Oscar for that. Now I completely understand Hoffman getting his nod, but Lange’s role just didnt feel like your typical Oscar bait. Granted, I haven’t seen any of her competition for that year, but when you consider that the lead actress Academy Award went to Meryl Streep for Sophie’s Choice, something really does seem odd.

But yeah, overall thoroughly enjoyed this one, especially as a theater geek. I guess that gave me an extra special appreciation for it.”

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