Sophie’s Choice (AFI #91)

“I’ll try not to go on another OMG Meryl Streep is amazing post, like I did for Its Complicated. But I’ll just make it completely official that she is my favorite actress. That was one \m/ amazing and intense performance, and with an accent and multiple languages on top of that. Word on the street (by which I mean IMDB trivia) is that she begged on her hands and knees for the role. Glad she was able to get her way.

The guys in the film were great too. Its nice to have some good dramatic work to associate in my mind with Kevin Kline other than In & Out, which is his role I know best. I guess I know him well for Midsummer’s… but c’mon is there ever gonna be anything more classic than this scene ? I think not.

Was particularly fascinated with Peter MacNicol. Mostly because I know him as Larry on Numb3rs, which was my fave crime drama before I started watching Bones. Yeah thats another continuing trend, me being captivated by an early role by an actor whose current work I know fairly well. See also Kevin Dillon in Platoon.

Story was quite intense. Although sadly I’d already been partially spoiled by this Penny Arcade strip. Although there was a bit of a disconnect between the stories. It was told through Stingo (MacNicol)’s eyes, but really centered around Sophie. From there you had two great stories: her relationship with Nathan and her past. I just had some trouble resolving the two, since neither really had much to do with the other, which felt awkward to me. Dont get me wrong, they were both interesting, it just felt odd.”

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