“I really worry about myself and my movie addiction. There’s times, like today, where I go to the theater just cause I hafta see some new movie cause it just opened, even if I know its not gonna be good. Such was the case with Legion. I tried talking myself out of it, but was unsuccessful. I still dont really know why I just had to go. Walking out of there, I overheard someone say “”Well at least it had Paul Bettany””. That’s kinda my sentiment too. Then her companion replied with “”Who’s Paul Bettany?”” and a little piece of my soul died.

Before ya’ll start leaving comments asking the same question, I’ll educate you so that you can at least pretend you knew if you didnt. I know him best as Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale, but he was also in The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind, Wimbledon, Master and Commander, and a buncha others. Got it now?

And yes, Bettany was great as the archangel Michael. He was the one redeeming quality in a movie that is waaay beneath him and what he’s capable of. I guess it does say something about him that he’ll still give 110% in something like this that woulda prolly be phoned in by another actor.

As far as the rest of it, there just really wasn’t much to it. There was the whole attempt at being meaningful and making a point about faith, but really I think it was just an excuse to have people possessed by angels that were essentially zombies. And I can just picture the protest emails that are likely circling the religious groups right now (hell back in the day I used to get those for other films). But it felt like it was attempting to be controversial simply for the sake of being controversial.

Another thing I found odd was how contained it all was. They never really left the little diner, which was a bit strange, or at least its not typical.

But yeah, really not worth your time unless you’ve got a movie addiction that rivals mine, and you’re not afraid to pay to sit through a potential dud.

Legion – \m/ \m/

I hoped to get in another AFI film tonight (My pace has slowed too damn much) but these write ups took longer than expected. At least I got Land Of the Lost outta my queue (that was my background noise). Yeah still dont know why I actually bought that. Impulse buy on Black Friday. Hoping to catch Youth in Revolt tomorrow. I really need to try and get in a few AFI’s during the week if I dont get stuck at work. Then planning to trek to an indie theater for Crazy Heart on Sat and Edge of Darkness of Sun. Aaaand break!”

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