Easy Rider (AFI #84)

“I’ve been meaning to say this for the past few entries and it slips my mind each time. On a semi-impulse, I registered the domain www.expletivedleted.com There’s nothing there yet, and I didnt buy any webspace cause it’ll be a while til I can actually think about moving this onto an actual site. Just wanted to have the option one day and secure the address now.

So I pretty much stuck to my schedule today. I finished it off with the movie that’d been sitting in my pending queue the longest — Easy Rider. I didnt get it. At all. Actually, I was just really bored.

Not trying to knock the movie for the sake of knocking it (I do have some respect for it, given that the American Film Institute deemed it one of the greatest movies of all time) but nothing \m/ happened. Half the movie was just shots of them riding along the highway. When “”Born to Be Wild”” was playing over one of those early shots, that gave me some hope. The next time there was one of those scenes it had a fairly decent song, so I figured I’d end up liking it in the same way I liked American Graffiti–for the music. But that was about it for the music I liked.

We’ve firmly established that I like for my movies to have some sorta narrative. Going in, I’d read the summary on the back of the box and was confuddled that it didnt really say much. Now I get why.

The one semi redeeming factor for me was that I did enjoy Jack Nicholson’s performance (although Im not sure about that thing he’d do whenever he’d drink). But there wasn’t really much else that got me going. According to IMDB, the original cut of the movie was 3 hours. all I can say, is thank God that got cut in half. I really dont think I coulda made it through much more.”

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