It’s Complicated

“If you’d just told me the plot of It’s Complicated, I woulda told you there’s no way in hell Im seeing that. But throw my favorite actress, Meryl Streep, into the mix as well as all the good things* I’ve been hearing and Im there.
*good things include but are not limited to Golden Globe nominations and inclusion on EW’s 25 movies to see before the Oscars.

Turns out, it was oh so incredibly worth it. I was dying of laughter at various points throughout the film. Unfortunately, that was lessened a bit since the trailer gave away the hi-\m/-larious webcam scene. The audience reaction to that was amazing, and I really wish I coulda had that too.

But OMG Meryl. Not sure how into detail I’ve gone as to why she’s my favorite, so if this is all repetition, apologies. What started her climb up my list? 2008. In that one year, she had an amazing rich role and dramatic performance in Doubt, earning her yet another Oscar nod. But she also had a completely for fun role in Mama Mia. That juxtaposition of films is the type of thing I’ve always admired in actors. I love it when someone is so versatile and able to balance fun and prestige (is that the word Im looking for?) She’s done Sophie’s Choice and Lemony Snickett’s, The Deer Hunter and Fantastic Mr Fox. And then this year, she took what could have been mediocre roles for another actress and now has Golden Globe nods and legit Oscar buzz. And every syllable of the praise she has gotten has been very well deserved. She was just stunning in this movie. Who says you need to be a size zero twenty year old female to have the lead role in a rom-com? Her every expression & emotion was just flawless. Bestest part about Meryl in general? Despite being one of today’s most acclaimed actresses (13 Oscar nods in addition to her two wins) she’s so gracious and humble. She’s so sweet about receiving praise and you see her incredibly happy for her colleagues if they beat her for an award.

I’ll quit gushing about Meryl now. Kinda tough to transition to talking about the rest of the cast. Oh, but I must. I’ve adored Steve Martin since I was like 6. I can’t even begin to count how many times I watched Father of the Bride back then. We’re all always so used to seeing him as an over the top comedian, but he had such as sweet vulnerable side this time around that was so touching.

Alec Baldwin was a little much for me. Granted, Im not particularly familiar with him, but from what I hear that was pretty typical Alec. I’ll admit, my favorite Baldwin (besides Adam who isnt a true Baldwin, or at least not one of those Baldwins) would be Stephen Baldwin, but I’m open to reassessing that once I get to the 30 Rock DVD’s that have been sitting in my queue since Black Friday.

Also quite enjoyed John Krasinski’s performance. He’s another one that Im not too familiar with (wasnt interested enough in The Office when it started, and Im juggling waaaay to many shows now to jump in), but Im well on my way to becoming a fan. He had Ryan Reynolds like charm that was just so captivating (eh that word might be a tad strong). I also thought that his character, as one of the daughter’s fiancee, worked quite well. As an outside insider (or is it inside outsider) his perspective was a nice addition and allowed for some comedic bits that needed some strong relationship with the main characters, but wouldnt have worked with the kids.

The most pleasant surprise award this time around goes to Rita Wilson. Dont really see Mrs Tom Hanks (they’re one of my fave celeb couples, bee tee dubs) that often, and always makes me smile when I do. But what made me smile even more was the first few seconds of screen time Hunter Parrish got. I’d forgotten he was in this. Although, I gotta say his performance/presence felt kinda forced. His character was waaaay to nice for him. He works much better with some edge. Not quite as much as he had in 17 Again, cause that character was just an ass. But Im used to him in Weeds, which is such a better fit. Pretty boy with and edge is totally my type.

As previously mentioned, the movie was quite hilarious. And I actually did rather enjoy the storyline. It was unique yet familiar. Its the sort of thing I dont really have any personal experience with (I’ve never been married and/or divorced, and my parents are still married after 29 years) but from my limited perspective it felt like they included everything. In particular, I wouldnt have thought to include the impact on the children as a major part of the story, but I thought that grounded the whole thing. The one downside was that it felt like it was about to wrap up by the graduation party, and then there was still a whole other half hour. Took a little big to get its groove back then, but ultimately I was happy with how it all concluded.

It’s Complicated – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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