M*A*S*H (AFI #54)

“What’s with me just not getting movies lately? Seriously? Here’s another one. #54 on the list M*A*S*H Between me not understanding the humor and there not being much plot, I was just disinterested. It also just felt very awkard, and Im not sure why.

One thing that kept throwing me off was Donald Sutherland. I’d only previously seen him in The Italian Job. Seeing him here 30 years earlier, and having just spent the past week watching season 7 of 24, oh my God I never realized how much his son Kiefer looks just like him. For a moment there, I thought I’d turned on The Lost Boys instead.

Other than that, I had little sympathy for the characters. The “”Hot Lips”” storyline was okay, but most of the rest was lost on me. The one thing I did find quite funny was the final PA announcement. Everything else, just wasnt for me, I guess.”

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